Tietur and Pat and The Hats

Tietur and Pat and The Hats

I headed down the Capitol Center of The Arts to check out Pat and The Hats last night. They were playing in the spotlight café. Tietur, an artist from across the pond, was headlining the night. I had not been to the Spotlight café or seen Tietur, so I was interested in seeing how it all worked.

The Hats took to the stage and played the most subdued set I had EVER seen them play. There was no fast booty shaking tunes that would be reminiscent of early Ed Sullivan Beatles. Each tune they played was more Strawberry Fields. Does this mean I didn’t like it? Hell no, I LOVED IT. The band was spectacular. Each nuance rang out. It really showed the depth this band has. The highlight was Scott Solsky filling in the soundscape with some really creative slide guitar work drenched in reverb and delay.

Next up was Tietur- let me tell you… His sweater was awesome. I was sort of distracted the entire time thinking… “Could I pull off that sweater- I really like it.” Anyways- fashion aside… wait wait.. before I move on, his sneakers were fucking awesome too- sort of sparkled pleather mixed with an 80’s high top feel… ok ok.. really, on to the music. The music was spliftourcaorunous. It moved me so much that I needed to create new words to describe the ensconceble of what I was hearing. The condonburment instrumentation with a singularly delivered guitar should have left holes and gaps in the sound- it did not. Tietur was able to fill the room with complete quiet rumbling; and I loved it.

When I got home I ran to my computer and illegally downloaded Tieturs entire collection of music(no not really- but I will buy it- those of you at the show know what I mean). It was a night that if you missed, you will be sorry you did.

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