Tristan Omand- Eleven Dark Horses- Review

Kris Kristofferson is not really dead… He is alive and well and is coming out of the voice and guitar of Tristan Omand. Wait… What? Kris is REALLY not dead? Oh- huh… Could have sworn he passed in a…. Helicopter incident or something? Whatever, moving on… Tristan still embodies the feelings and emotions of the late great Willie Nelson… You are kidding right? He is alive too? Damn it. Ok Merle Haggard- A man who lived a rough life and died the way he lived, the man is like a beacon of light for the young Tristan Omand to… ARE YOU SERIOUS!??!?! He is still alive tooooooooo? What the hell… "Junior" Brown ? alive? Joe Ely??? Alive… David Allan Coe, John Prine alive alive… Come on!!! I am just trying to show how Tristan’s album embraces the music of the past and twists it up, spits it out and… ok fine- he sounds like Tupac. No no he doesn't sound like Tupac. Waylon Jennings???? OK Finally… DEAD!!!! Damn… Waylon Jennings is dead- I am terribly saddened now. Deep and never ending sadness. Ok, lets press on.

Tristan is an amazing solo performer. He takes his acoustic guitar with his vocal and fills an empty space with his diminutive yet monstrous sound. The sparse arrangement conflicts with lush and full sound he is able to produce. Much like a solo vocal performance of J Cash, Tristan is able to pull you in and push you down in the same breath.

Utter and complete sadness drips from every vocal line, from every note, from every single part of this record. Despair and loneliness. Downheartedness. Gloom and dejection and misery. Tristan doesn’t even try to make you happy. He finds that spot in your soul that is rusted, broken and he pushes on it- pokes it- reminds you that it is there and it makes you miserable. I love it.

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