5 Questions with Tucker Jadczak the Manager of Pat and The Hats

5 Questions with Tucker Jadczak the Manager of Pat and The Hats

Well- here we are again talking about Pat and The Hats. We have talked about them SOOOOOO much. Why? Cause they are awesome. I mean- they really rock. Their music had the power to cure cancer in mice during 32 separate lab tests.(ok maybe not) Since we have had so much coverage of Pat and The Hats we are sort of out of stuff to say about them. Therefore, we really dug deep and sat down with their manager. Yeah, their manager- the most important and least interesting position in any band. You never hear “wow that band’s manager was great last night- ladies were tossing their panties at him!” We aim to change that. So we pulled up a chair next to Tucker and tossed 5 questions at him.

1. How did you become the manager of the band?

Tucker: Pat, Bobby and I went to high school together. I actually used to hang out with their first band Sanus. I could tell they were great musicians, and their communication on stage was extremely advanced for a high school band. It wasn't long before we ended up being good friends. Pat and I both went to school in Boston which is when I worked with his band WhiteShoeBrownShoe. When that band parted ways I stuck with Pat because at this point we were great friends, and I had a lot of faith in his musicianship, drive and creativity. After managing Pat throughout the creation of an album and countless solo shows, we knew it was time to get a band together. I honestly couldn't ask for a better band. The history between Pat and Bobby is something hard to describe yet has advanced their sound entirely; giving themselves the ability to work together very naturally. Brenden is probably one of the most dedicated people I know. He's always keeping up with the newest tunes and has incredible skill on his instrument. Through their countless practices he too has a history with both Pat and Bobby. Their hard work and my fortune has given me the ability to be with them and push them to be greater every day. Sometimes you need that guy to be there.

2. What is your favorite Pat and The Hats song?

Tucker: Great question! The manager side of me says all of them. That's a cop-out though. My favorite song from the album has to be Heavy Loader... it represents so much of what it takes to be an up and coming musician; particularly the experience Pat has gone through. I'd have to say that my favorite song live and modeled by the band is a song currently called "song in d". For what it lacks in a name, it makes up for it by being a heavy hitting rock tune and was one of the first songs the band created together.

3. Who is the Hat that could best hide a body if in a jam?

Tucker: As the manager, it would probably be a unanimous vote for me to do the stashing. I'm sure the band could come up with some creative ways though.

4. You are stuck on with Bob Ross on an island.

Tucker: I'd like to answer this question, but I'm not entirely sure what it’s asking. (Ed Note: This is the answer we were looking for)

5. What is the craziest thing you have had happen to you or seen at a Hats show?

Tucker: Oh boy. There are so many stories. One that jumps out at me was the night of a canceled show at the True Brew due to heavy snow. We were expecting a lot of people so we moved it to the Draft and made it a free show. We met some new fans who wanted to come hang out afterwards. They showed up to the gathering with what must have been 200 Chicken McNuggets, including every sauce they have. The crazy part was we ate every single one of them.

Find more on Pat and The Hats here: https://www.facebook.com/patrikgochezofficial


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