The Van Buren's- Review

The Van Buren's- Review

We all love the Presidents of The United States of America. I am not talking about the band that did that catchy pop song “Lump” in the 90’s. I am talking about the actual people who have run this country; Richard M. Nixon,, Warren G. Harding , James K. Polk, Rutherford B. Hayes and of course Martin Van Buren. The Van Buren's, a fun party band from Boston, must really love Martin V.B. as they named their band after the seldom celebrated 8th president of our fair country.

Martin Van Buren is often cited as the worst president in our 200 plus year history. The Van Buren's do not follow in his footsteps, as they are one of the best bands around. Martin Van Buren was largely done in by an economic crisis brought on by failing banks. The Van Buren's are not letting the current bank failures affect them in the same way; they are traversing the country playing their fun loved music for thousands of fans. Martin Van Buren did not speak English as his first language; he spoke Dutch. The Van Buren's follow in his lingual path by speaking music as their first language.

When you find out a band has taken their name from such a place as an early 19th century president, you can only assume the band will be a joke musically. You are wrong. There is nothing but serious musicianship in each of the four songs on the EP The Van Buren's have released. Tight harmonies, rich guitar solos and melodic piano parts are bountiful in this music. The first track, “Taft Punk”, hits you right away with four part harmonies. The dissonant chords formed by their perfectly blended tone make your ears tingle with fascination and anticipation. Anticipation of what you may ask? Well, you are anticipating and wondering, ‘where the heck are they going next.’ Much how the policies of Martin Van Buren were directionless, the intro of this song seems like it is going no place. However, The Van Buren's pull out and bring you on an adventure.

Our 8th President, Martin Van Buren was a terrible terrible terrible president. He caused more damage with his policies that were meant to save our economy. The Van Buren's are a fantastic fantastic fantastic band that I feel, if given the chance, could play you some killer tunes and save our current failing economy.

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