View From The Bottom- A Story by Bassist Chris Noyes

View From The Bottom- A Story by Bassist Chris Noyes

Editor Note: We contacted one of our favorite Bassists, Chis Noyes of The Dusty Gray Band(and others). We asked him to write a really good story about their show last night. Unfortunately he said yes… read all about the life of a bass player below.
I was originally under the impression I wouldn’t be at this show, since the Adam Ezra Group(AEG) specified a “complete backline”, but I guess The Dusty Gray Band could only use the “bass rig” and had to provide the “bassist” (real “complete” guys). I had some past experience with the AEG, playing a sub gig back when they were between bassists (one of the hardest of times a band can go through) so I knew going in they not only would put on a great show, but would share their rations in the green room and would be cool to hang out with. Expectations exceeded.

On to the show. This was a NH CD release for the Adam Ezra Group. It had been sold out for months now, long before the AEG asked the Dusty Gray Band to come play an opening set. This meant 100% AEG fans. We have done this sort of thing before, and definitely played to a myriad of fan bases. I must give it up to the AEG fans though; they are some of the nicest and most receptive people around. First off, they got into it, like right away. It’s always a great feeling when the crowd can give some energy. Secondly, I have never been recognized and complimented so much at a show. As a bass player, I’m used to the double or triple take before maybe getting a “hey man, you guys sounded awesome”. And this was before Adam was nice enough to invite the whole band up on stage for an original, and to sing Wagon Wheel with him (that’s 10 total musicians on an already pretty gear packed stage). That’s just the kind of guy Adam is. Like the fact that AEG has its own non-profit organization that helps veterans groups, or the fact that Adam got a fan up to do sign language to a few of his songs after seeing a youtube video that the guy posted. Or the fact that they simply put out an honor system box on the merch table that says “Pay what you can, make change when you need to”. I guess with a band that’s that full of good dudes (and a lovely lady fiddler), your fans are bound to be some of the best people imaginable. Nevertheless, despite the AEGs nice-guy status they know how to get down. I say “nevertheless” because if you’ve heard their parody, The Devil Came Up to Boston, you know Adams lyrics drop as many F bombs as, well, the average Southie. Seeing this live was probably the highlight of the night for me. Our fiddler Jordan was on tour with AEG when Adam wrote the song, and Jordan is the fiddler in the video, so this was a rare treat to see it performed as such.

Moral of the story, the Adam Ezra Group and The Dusty Gray Band will definitely be doing more shows together in the future, and it will definitely be a show to remember.
Who do you think would win in a dance off: Dusty Gray or Chris Noyes? Comment below!

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