Way Huge Aqua Puss Analog Delay- Review

Way Huge Aqua Puss Analog Delay- Review

The Way Huge Aqua Puss is a great analog delay effect for guitar. This is a return of the famous Aqua Puss that went out of production and commands a pretty penny used on E-bay.

This effects pedal gives you a true vintage analog delay. The simple controls make it great for live settings, no fuss. There are three knobs: delay, Feedback and blend. The delay controls the delay time and goes from 20ms to 300ms. Feedback controls the intensity of the delay. Blend is pretty self explanatory; blend your clean tone with how loud the delay will be.

The word “warm” is overused when describing analog delay but; this is super warm WARM WARM WARM. Creamy silky smooth warmth. Imagine your guitar wrapped in a big wool blanket, that is how warm it is.

Beyond the warmth is a psycho crazy oscillation sound. Crank the knobs of the Way Huge Aqua Puss to the right and hear an explosion of crazy noise great for creating landscapes in your music. The knobs can easily be used to control the oscillation for a full range of creativity.

You can pick up the Way Huge Aqua Puss from most stores for around $150. Well worth the money! I have it on my board and ALWAYS use it.

More info: http://www.jimdunlop.com/product/Aqua-Puss

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