Ways To Fall- Interview

We had a chance to sit down with the band 'Ways To Fall From NH. Weasked a bunch of questions, some stupid.. some even stupider. Below are their answers.

Your Band: What's the origin of the band name?

Ways to Fall: The name of the band actually came from one of our songs, Ways To Fall. It is made to make people think of the many ways that a person could fall and that, no matter if its a good type of falling (in love for example) or a bad one (falling into depression), that there are always reasons to stand back up and keep on going. We just hope our music is one of those things that people can listen to and find inspiration with to keep moving with their lives.

YB: Who are your major music influences?

WTF: Just like almost any other band out there, The Beatles first and foremost. They really introduced rich harmonies and complexity to rock music. We also take some energy from bands like The Indigo Girls, The Foo Fighters, Moxy Fruvous and Phish. I would say our biggest influences are really our friends, family and each other.

YB: What are the names and respective instrument of each band member?

WTF: Eryk Fairchild (Keys, Lead guitar and Vox)
DJ Parker (Rhythm Guitar and Vox)
Scott Schaefer-Huppi (Bass)
Rob Richard (Drums)

YB: What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands or are in bands? Have any secret tips?

WTF: Find a group of people that you jive with, that you care about and that you really want to make music with. There is nothing more powerful than music, so finding the right parts to the machine is important. Work hard and always be grateful of the people who support you!

YB: What is your favorite Color?

WTF:The collective favorite color of Ways To Fall would have to be Caput Mortuum. Its just awesome.

YB: Air speed Velocity of an European swallow?

WTF: Well, the meaning of life is 42, so the Air Speed Velocity of a European Swallow has to be equal to the thickness of a banana and bacon milkshake.

YB: How did the band members meet?

WYF: Eryk and DJ met about 9 years ago through word of mouth and open mics in the Haverhill, Ma area. Within the past year, we added Scott through another open mic in Manchester and Rob through a club owner who knew of a drummer who was looking for a band....and we were a band looking for a drummer.

YB: What can you tell me about your instruments and gear?

WTF: Both guitars are acoustic Ovations. Bass is fretless and the drums are tasty. New things are being added all the time as the music evolves.

YB: Could you briefly describe your music-making process?

WTF:Our songs are all very personal. They all come from a story each of us have lived. A basic idea of the song and lyrics will be presented to the rest of the band and then each member has the opportunity to write their own part and leave their own stamp on each song.

YB: What has been your biggest challenge as a musician?

WTF:The biggest challenge is the same facing almost every other local band out there. Getting people to come out to see local acts is very hard and there isn't always a lot of support from club owners to make sure there are people in the clubs. I think that if clubs and bands worked harder together to promote a healthy scene, there would be a major music explosion in the New England area. But for now, we have to rely on social media and word of mouth to get people out to see us, and that can often be more exhausting and challenging that writing new material.

YB:Do you have any strange or personal rituals that you do before a show?

WTF: Eryk and DJ dont eat before playing. Its a fear that if our stomachs are full, we wont be able to have the power in our voice to sing all our songs. Other than that, making a set and wishing each other a good show is what we do every show.

YB: Are there any local bands in New England that you are really enjoying right now?

WTF: We enjoy many fellow local acts in many different genres. Silent Season, Captain Chet, Rustic Overtones and Boogie on Alice just to name a few.

YB: What is your favorite show that you have ever played?

WTF: When Eryk and DJ were just an acoustic duo, we were able to open for John Waite at Boytons Taproom in Manchester. That night, his lead guirarist was Kyle Cook from Matchbox20. Kyle stayed with Eryk and DJ until the wee hours of the morning and a few fans just playing songs, everything from MB20 to Beatles songs. As far as the full band goes, we only have a hand full of shows under our belt but we are really looking forward to playing at this summer’s Newport Folk Festival.

YB: What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

WTF: Life, family, jobs. Luck for us, we all have amazing people around us who support us enough to let us follow our dreams and do what they can to make all the pieces come together.

YB: What's your ultimate direction for your band? Are you seeking fame and fortune?

WTF: What is 'fame and fortune'? If we make one fan each show and continue to grow, that is all that matters to us.

YB: Is there anyone you'd like to acknowledge for offering support?

WTF: We love our friends, family and fans for all they do for us. Without them, we would just be some guys on a stage making noise. We do what we do and we are who we are because of them and for that, we are beyond grateful.

Find them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/WaysToFall

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