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Air Traffic ControllerIf you are from Boston you will constantly hear complaints about the failing music scene found or 'not found' around town. (I'm looking at you Rob Potylo of Quiet Desperation) . People saying; it was better when the Rat was still open; it was better when the Abbey was still open; it was better when the Middle East didn't suck. Maybe Boston is slipping?

Does the Boston based band 'Air Traffic Controller' feel the same way? Do they think that music from their town is desperately failing? They seem to be, based on a line in their tune 'Bad Axe, Mi' - "Maybe this Boston music scene was just a myth?" - However, I don't think they REALLY REALLY think music from Boston is doomed. I think they were sent from Heaven(or Malden) to save the music scene in Boston; that is, if it ever needed saving.

This music is Boston. Hopeful and dreading and dark and bright; just like the Boston Red Sox. This music covers it all. I don't think you can get any better than songs about women, begging for sex, life mistakes, lost love, peep shows and questioning God. The "Song Foot of The Bed" is the creepiest and cleanest song ever written about watching a woman get dressed. I don't know how they do it; but it is tasteful and I would play this song for my grandmother without thinking it was inappropriate.

Air Traffic Controller makes me hopefully look to the foot of my bed... and the most important thing, they make me optimistic for Boston music. Hope for the Boston music scene. If Boston can produce such perfection as created by this band, then we are not doomed or in desperation.

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