Anna Madsen- Palm Reader- Review

There are times in a music reviewer’s life when they have to make a decision. Are they going to make a bold statement at the risk of alienating a large audience of readers, or, play it safe? Well, I never play it safe. I run with scissors, I eat dessert when I didn’t clean my plate, I swim with total disregard to that hour rule, I do not follow the garment washing instructions on clothing tags, and tell you when an album is perfect.

Anna Madsen has just released the most creative and spectacular album of the year, ‘Palm Reader’. Her songs have an amazing ability to take a 4/4 beat and make it feel as if you are in 6/8. The effect is a space filled wonderland of musical expression. This is not just music, it is impressionistic art for your ears. A Bansky in music. A picture of sound draped on your wall for you to look at and engulf your spirit.

Magic is laced in these notes belted out by Anna Madsen. You need to get under her spell and listen. Just listen. After you have listened, you will understand. Have your Palm Read and realize the truth of Anna Madsen’s music. Some of you might disagree that this is the best album... and you would be wrong.

Listen to the album below:

Anna worked with award-winning producer Brian Coombes and his team at Rocking Horse Studio in Pittsfield, NH. The EP features musical contributions from co-producer Joey Pierog; Pat Gochez and Bobby Rice of Pat & the Hats, noted fiddle player Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki, and cellist Jeremy Harman from the New York City-based Sirius Quartet.

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