Mikey Vyce Anti Hoot

Mikey Vyce Anti Hoot

This Thursday you should stop in Penuche's Concord and pay tribute to Mikey Vyce and catch some of his friends and family play their hearts out in his memory. This is the 4th annual Mikey Vyce Anti Hoot.The cover charge of a mere $3 goes to his family, so bring your friends. Mikey Vyce impacted numerous people in the local music community. Bands, organizations, and friends were created because of him. Not only did he play music himself but he inspired others to do the same- whether with him or on their own.

Myself, I played with Mikey way back in high school. He was on his guitar and I was playing piano at the time. I remember that I wanted to play guitar instead.. I mean.. come on… a guitar looks so much cooler than piano. It was because of him that I went and purchased a cheap black electric guitar. Years later I find myself in a band playing guitar with three individuals who were all equally touched by Mikey. We each had been separately inspired. My story is not uncommon. Please come out this Thursday to Penuche’s in Concord and celebrate a life that inspired so many.

Find out more on the Hoot here: https://www.facebook.com/events/150441605156457/


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