Back On The Train- Live Review

Back On The Train- Live Review

It’s Friday night and I am at the Barley House in Concord to see ‘Back On the Train'. The band is one that I have not seen before but I am there on a recommendation from the band 'Boogie on Alice'. I am told they are a jam band. I don’t really like jam bands. I mean, jam bands can be good but a lot of time the word jam band just means “we didn't practice our songs so….. We are just gonna play and there will be some really sucky parts where we don’t really know what we are doing”. However, I would not say that “Back on the Train” are a jam band but a rock-reggae-Jelly-not-jam band- They toe the jam line but stay away.

The music is mellow and creamy. Parts of the night I feel like I am watching 311 or Sublime- a little rap type delivery over funky bass. Other times I feel like I am watching Blink 182- tight sort of punk harmonies. Other times I feel like I am watching Moe- and still other times I feel like I am being watched- by Boogie guitarist Matt Ghelli- He keeps staring at me all night. What a F*#&ing freak.

The best part of the night was when the band played ‘New York City’, a tune made famous by the band 'They Might Be Giants'(video of their performance above). The 2nd best part of the night is when I put tiny pieces of plastic into Matt’s beer cause I thought he was done drinking it. If you read about his death in a few days- It wasn’t me.

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