Greenlights and Blacklight Ruckus- Double Live review

This past Saturday night I once again found myself in the dark basement of Penuches in Concord NH for a show of amazing local music. Two different bands were playing that night, The Greenlights and Blacklight Ruckus. It is odd to have two bands both with different colored lights in their name but whatever. I showed up a little early and got a chance to talk to both bands before the show began. The conversations with Blacklight Ruckus were a little strange.

“Just write the entire review about how we eat people and serve horse meat to people who are on drugs” Said one of the members of Blacklight Ruckus(I did not bother to remember his name because at that point, remembering not to turn my back to him was more important). So- umm…with that… they eat people -my review of Blacklight Ruckus is complete. Let’s move on to The Greenlights.

I am very familiar of the music of the Greenlights- I have a copy of their debut EP and listened to most of their tunes on repeat for weeks. This night was the first night I got to see them live. This band is full of energy- especially their lead singer Chad who during much of the show is in constant motion. I whispered to a friend at the show “These guys are sorta metal meets jam band”……. “WHAT!??!?!? I cannot hear you?” She said. After screaming the same thing for about 5 minutes she finally told me that I knew nothing about real metal- and she is right- I know nothing about true metal. However, these guys do sound like AC/DC meets Phish. It is a great combo and something very unique for the area.

Greenlight- BLACKLIGHT- Greenlight- Blacklight- GREENLIGHT!

More on the bands here:

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