Boogie on Alice- Live Review

Live Review of....
Boogie on Alice
Dually Finch
At Penuche's in Concord NH

The bar was packed. I am used to going to this place and being able to walk around and sit where ever I want but, not tonight. It was PACKED! I actually had to wait in line to use the little boys room... twice.

The night started off with Dually Finch. I have seen this band a few times and have grown to love their tunes. Tonight it is Scott Trottier of Dually Finch playing a solo acoustic set to open up for Boogie on Alice. As always I am not let down. The thing that is the most amazing about the performance is the vocals. Trottier effortlessly produces heartfelt passion in each phrase he delivers. His guitar playing is also great; he can pluck those strings with grace. At one point his hand is illuminated by a green overhead light and I am convinced he is holding the pick of destiny. He is joined on stage for one song by a guy named Nate playing the harp. (didn't get Nate's last name... or blood type). Nate's playing is a nice addition to the sound and helps to fill out the overall mix. I always enjoy Dually Finch and can't wait to catch them again with a full band.

Next up Boogie on Alice, but first, a pee break. Damn... a line... I'll just pee in the corner I guess....Ok, now I'm better. Let's see, two guitars(Matt and Dan), bass(Travis), drums(Mark) and two vocals. The first thing I take notice of are their pedal boards(well, the first thing I notice after Matt's corduroy pants). I see, boss tuners, volume pedal, loop station, wah, envelope filter (i think), Danelectro Hashbrown Flanger (again, a guess but it is purple... and a danelectro so I can only speculate) plus an array of other boxes of different shapes and sizes that are all connected to their guitars. They make good use of these tools during their set. Each guitar player takes turns weaving and bobbing their solos around each other in a sonic attack. The crowd is loving it and no one is left sitting in their chair but are all dancing; well, except that drunk guy at the corner of the bar that looks like he is either dead, dying or passed out. The bass player is not shy and does not reduce himself to playing just the root; he is all over the neck playing nice lines complimenting the dueling guitar solos. It is their first show with the drummer Mark(of Tapedeck, Go-Local and Captain Chet Lawson) this guy sucks ass. I mean, I am not sure who even let him up on the stage. Seriously, he is out of time, sloppy and at one point I consider spilling my beer on him... Oh wait... no.. that wasn't what happened... HE WAS AWESOME. You would have thought he had been playing with Boogie on Alice for years. It is not my first time seeing Boogie on Alice and I KNOW it will not be my last. Only, next time I might wear my brown corduroys.

For more info on the bands-
Boogie on Alice-
Dually Finch-!/pages/Dually-Finch-Hillsborough-NH/142654975750361

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