Boogie On Alice- A Band on Fire

Boogie On Alice- A Band on Fire

Boogie on Alice has been on fire these past few weeks. They are finishing up their album at Rocking Horse Studios which should be released by the end of the summer. They played a rocking show at market days on the Homegrown stage in Concord’s Bicentennial Square. On top of all of that they played Penuche’s and broke the unofficial record for most people coming in the door (previously maybe held by someone else [(that might be writing this article {[(although there is some disagreement on facts}])). If that wasn’t enough, there is more…. this week their likeness was enshrined in a cartoon for a greeting card by a greeting card company (seriously). These boys are even considering changing their name to B.O.A. and playing strictly metal covers tunes from 1987… ok maybe not that last one. In any event, I am sure you have, but make sure you get out to see one of their shows. Check out a video below of the band performing at Market Days this past weekend and get out to the boondocks Tavern July 27 and catch B.O.A. live… be sure to request a Whitesnake tune.

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