Boogie on Alice- Live Review

Boogie on Alice- Live Review

Written by Heather D

Boogie on Alice... What can I say about this Jamtastic band of babes? Well, for starters – the boys of Boogie certainly have a way of getting listeners on their feet & swaying their hips to their funky jams, memorable vocals, and crazy guitar solos. Boogie headlined at Penuches in Concord, NH this past Saturday, December 7th.

The bar was chock-full of fans and bar-goers alike. The PBR flowed, the people danced & the band continued to entertain per usual. The talented Mark Trottier; founder of Go Local Music joined BOA on percussion. Matt Ghelli and Dan LePage seduced the crowd on vocals and guitar while Travis MacEachern on Bass and Sean Roukey on Drums kept the beat moving and grooving all night long. They rocked their usual set list and added in a few old school favorites like Ghostbusters (which to no surprise quickly turned into a massive sing-a-long throughout).

Needless to say I’m a fan of these guys & I bet you would be too. If you weren’t able to catch this weekend’s show – you should check out their upcoming gigs at Crotched Mountain on 12/27 and The Press Room in Portsmouth, NH on 12/28. Boogie on.

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