Credit Card Salesman + Bradox64- review

Credit Card Salesman + Bradox64

A split release just can out featuring the artists Credit Card Salesman and Bradox64. It is part industrial, part glitch, part 8 bit Nintendo and part circus freak. Most of the album is instrumental with breaks of vocals. You can download the album for free from their bandcamp page… or well, it says name your price, so if you are nice you can toss them a few bucks. ( I suggest five). If you are a fan of the old Nintendo tunes, you will LOVE this album. It is perfect to crank on loud while playing “Call Of Duty” or “Wii Sports” to give you that vintage feeling with an updated twist. While listening to this album you can almost feel yourself becoming Mario, collecting coins and smashing bricks. While I would not see myself cranking these tunes in my car while taking a long car trip, it is something I would enjoy playing when sitting on the couch, eating junk food, and trying to find that ‘other castle’ that has our Princess.

Download the album here:

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