BRÄSBE - Review

BRÄSBE - Review

We got in the new CD "Free Form Display" from the band BRÄSBE and wanted to get a review on the site. Since we were so excited, we send a copy to three of our reviewers hoping to get the review up as soon as possible. Well, guess what. Each one of our reviewers sent their words in at the same time. We tried to decide what review to print. In the end, we felt it was best to give you all sides of the coin, yes all three sides. You can decide for yourself what review is the best or most accurate. We are not hear to judge, just to print it.

Review One Of BRÄSBE

i just made the best breakfast sandwhich one egg, on an everything bagel, with melted cabot seriously sharp cheese, and sun tried tomato chicken sausage yes it was oozing with tastey jams.

Review Two Of BRÄSBE

BRÄSBE = Pretentious rehashed jamrock with an umlaut
*(Editors note an umlaut is that thing over the “a”)

Review Three of BRÄSBE

BRÄSBE is a band from the lakes region of NH but you can find them playing all over NH. They are a quartet consisting of 2 guitars, bass and drums.The tunes have a bit of Tom Petty in there. The song “Birds of a Feather” could be fit perfectly on any greatest hits release of Petty. I have seen Brasbe live a few times and the tacks presented here have no relation to what I have heard live. Not sure if these are totally new and different songs, but they are really much better then what I have seen live. All the musicians are really talented and obviously know how to play but sometimes this clouds the direction of the tunes. On “it was so long ago” there is a slowdown in the rhythm and playing yet the bass continues to jam out like he is the lead player in Primus. Who knows, maybe Les left Primus and joined Brasbe. This band is one you should check out. Jazz, rock, jam, country.. whatever... it is good.

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