Brooks Young Band- New Song

Brooks Young is a NEW dad, living in a NEW place and seems to be going in a NEW direction with his music. ALL THE THINGS ARE NEW. The Brooks Young Band is currently up in Gilford New Hampshire at Resort Recordings tracking a NEW single. Resort Recordings is a NEW recording studio and label founded by Franz Haase and Ryan Ordway in 2010. Since Brooks is such a nice guy he let us hear a rough cut of the NEW tune.

This song is a totally NEW sound for the band. Brooks has expanded from the blues to a sort of New Blues, I mean NU-Blues. Yeah, That is it, ‘nu-blues’ sound. Hmmm- I don’t think NuBlues is actually a type of music, nor do I have the time to google it to find out if it is some ridiculous sub genre. Actually, wait, I do have the time, hold on-I am gonna Google “NuBlues” I’ll be right back- ( time passes) yeah- nothing came up – it just said “Did you mean NuMetal” no I didn’t mean Nu Metal. I would Never mean NuMetal. Wait, lets try a different spelling. Let’s try KNu-Blues … “did you mean nude pictures of Sara-Jessica parker” hmm… strange. Let’s have more fun with google!

so, lets Google “Brooks Young Band’s new Song is Awesome”

Did you mean: “I really love your band. I think the new song is a big step forward for you guys.

What if we google “Franz Haase and Ryan Ordway did nice job recording the tune”

Did you mean: I think having them produce it, instead of Glyn Johns, was the right thing to do.

And lastley- The guitar sounded great

Did you mean: And the guitar sound... is incendiary. Incendiary. Way to go.


You should really check out the tune when it is released. Watch a teaser video below AND... Also- if you don't get the refernece above, you should watch “ALMOST FAMOUS

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