Carnivora- Review

Carnivora is a metal band from Boston Mass. I feel bad though. Is it really metal? There are so many different sub genres of metal now that I may have just offended the band by calling them metal. I mean, I think to be cool I need to tell you what specific sub genre they fit into. Well, I don’t know real terms so I will make one up; Jam-math-scream-core-speed-death-black-beat-metal. Yeah, I think that will do.

Carnivora fill their music with amazing guitar riffs, fast and slow beats, and a mind blowing vocal blast of furry. Parts of each song will have speeding notes soaring past you immediately followed by slower beat breakdowns. If you are a metal fan or a fan of proficient mastery of music theory, you will love Carnivora.

Bluntface Records is putting out a compilation shortly and Carnivora will be featured on the comp. The owner of Bluntface Records, Otto Kinzel, pointed me to this amazing band. So Otto, thanks. I owe you a pint. Did I just say Pint? Damn, been hanging out with too many people from England latley.

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