Couch Guitar Straps- Review

Couch Guitar Straps- Review

Guitar straps are not normally a sexy thing. You don’t hear guitar players bragging about their new plain-black-nylon guitar strap in the same way they brag about their 1960’s Les Paul Custom. As a guitar player myself, I never gave much thought to these pieces of plastic and cloth tossed over my shoulder. Couch Guitar straps have changed this. Their guitar straps bring straps to a new level of high fashion.

Couch Guitar Straps are made out of found and reused automotive and upholstery vinyl. They search the country looking for cool vinyl that has been sitting around, unused, for years! They get that ‘deadstock’ from some really cool cars. Do you want a guitar strap made of material from an 80's Mercedes? They got it. Do you want a guitar strap made out of Vintage Blue GTO Trunk Liner? They got it! Want a guitar strap made out of bald eagle eggs, zebra hoofs and panda eyes? Well, you are a freak, they don’t have that.

If you want to purchase your very own awesome guitar strap, head on over to You won’t find their straps at any big box guitar store. Buy direct! Shipping is quick, cost is low… and… the times I have bought a strap, you even get a personalized note on your invoice!

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