Down To The Well- Review

It’s morning and I am taking a shower while I listen to the newest album from the Manchester NH based band ‘Down to The Well’. I have the music blaring out of my stereo as I clean my naughty and not so naughty bits. I am not sure if this is the exact thing the band was expecting when they sent us their CD for a review. But hey, maybe it was… Maybe the band wrote this album for the entire purpose of me showering to it.

‘Down to the Well’ is a country/bluegrass band, or at least say they are. I turn down the hot water a little (shower water was too hot), something hits me, this is punk not bluegrass or folk. You can hear the banjo ringing and the vocal harmonies pushing that the music is bluegrass... but it isn’t, they are pure punk. The only thing that is keeping this band from being the next Fugazi is a drummer. I put a little shampoo in my hair and figure out that the band is teasing us. This band tried to play itself off as some sort of folky band, but they are not. They are as punk as you can come while playing banjo and acoustic guitar. This is the type of music that makes me want to punch you in the face and then give you a hug. I love it.

The CD starts skipping and I have to jump from the shower and quickly bound across the freezing cold room, I smack the player and leap back into the warm shower. Maybe this will be my new morning routine, put on the wonderful tunes of “Down to the Well’, jump in the shower, and then gross out all of you readers out there with the imagery of me in the shower.

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