Durg-One Chance- Review

Durg is a singer-songwriter from Vermont. His debut album was recorded in a studio right around the corner from where I live and features a lot of local power. Pat, George and Brenden. Around these parts I don’t even have to tell you their last names. Right? do I? No I don’t So I was excited to hear Durg’s debut album “One Chance.”

I took out the record, placed it on the turntable, wound up the little spring thingy and dropped the needle down. What I heard was Camp-town Races. Really? Camp-town Races? Then, side B….London Bridge? What the hell? This was like listening to my daughters Fisher Price record player… oh.. wait.. umm… My mistake. I actually WAS listening to my daughters Fisher Price record player. Let's start again….

This album bleeds Bowie. The vocal delivery bounces between a popped ‘Let’s Dance’ and a UPS ‘I’m Afraid Of American’s’. You can also hear Tom Petty Fed Exed to your door, the ‘pre heroin’ Petty(at the time this review was written it came out that he was addicted to heroin in the 90’s). The electric guitar lines are, well, linear. Point A meets point B and brings you directly to Lou Reed.

A great record from start to finish and much better than Camp-town Races.

Contributing Musicians:
Durg: Vocals, Accoustic Guitar
Patrik Gochez: Electric Guitar
Michal Mancini: Bass
George Laliotis: Drums
Brenden Harisiades: Bass on "Fever"

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