Emily Weber- Amazing Artist

Emily Weber- Amazing Artist

We normally only talk about music and bands here on Yourband.info and that’s it. Nothing else. It says so right in the freaking web address… your BAND. However, we became aware of a local artist that has been doing some amazing things inspired by music. Or if not inspired by music at least will be interesting to those who love music and art. Or art and music. Or just music. Or just art. Or… forget it.. let’s move on…. Her name is Emily Weber and you may have seen her face around at a local music show or two. You may also have seen her art at a few local businesses like Dos Amigos or prominently displayed on Andy Laliotis’s wall.

“[A record] is the vessel the music lives in, it's like the body to the soul.”-Weber

Emily has lived all over the country and she brings her life experiences into her art. You might be wondering, what the hell is her art? You’ve already read 1.5 paragraphs and I have not told you how what she does is related to music. Well, prepare for more disappointment- you’re gonna have to finish this sentence, and then I will tell you. Not ALL but most of her recent art is done with vinyl. Not the vinyl flooring you find in your kitchen covered with yesterday’s crumbs but that vinyl you find in bins and boxes at your local garage sale containing music. Emily uses these records embedded with their pits and grooves and smell and love as backing for her own creativity. Each record is covered with acrylic, medium for texture and possibly mounted. The final product is pleasing to the eye (emotionally moving too).

The art comes alive. Visually the pieces are stunning but you can almost hear them too. You know the music is there- behind the acrylic, behind the colors and in front of the canvas- there sits the music. You can hear the sounds if you put your ear really close to the piece, stand still and be really quiet like you hunting a rabbit. You can’t play it; but you can feel it.

Music and art move people. Emily’s art has taken these two disciplines and mixed them up and joined them together. It was a happy accident when she discovered this new passion. She has been doing gig posters and album art for years- You may have seen her work on a few local designs; past, present and future. This collaboration with music pushed her down the path to start creating her vinyl productions.

“The experience is different for everyone but I try to express things visually in a universal sense that the music itself does audibly”-Weber

Emily’s art is not just fascinating to look at placed on your wall. The creation process of the piece is just as enthralling as the art itself. If playable, she will listen to the record one last time before she uses it. She will be the last person to hear the notes on this particular record because during the process the record becomes completely unplayable ever again. You might think the recording is destroyed but in reality it is given new life. Emily pours the emotion on the record, splashing it into the colors and textures that she places on the record. She imagines not just the sounds but the life of that record: who owned it, where did it go, where it was stored… Someone at some point bought this record because they were in love- it has now found its way to Emily’s canvas. She is not ending the journey the record has taken but adding a new chapter into the life of this living art.

If you get a chance to talk to Emily about her art- Do it- You will get lost and in love with her details and passion towards art, music and life in general. You can find out more and see more on her website: http://sanguinesiren.wordpress.com/


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