Fashion Bath- Review

"Do you feel Good? You should feel good- Be happy mister.Fashion Bath(Asheville, NC) will make you feel good. Good pop music has a negative meaning most of the time. if I were to say "These guys are a really good pop band!!!" some people might automatically not listen because they think Backstreet Boys are back again, alright... But this is not an insult. These guys write great pop.

Fashion Bath are not the next Beatles. No band is the next the Beatles. However, you can hear the Beatles in almost every track. I am not talking the early Beatles. I am pretty much only referencing Sargent Pepper. The experimental big orchestra mixed with rock shines though. It is a roller-coaster of jutting steam engine music.

Each tune is meticulously served and not over done. The parts know their place and each sound is where it should be. This music music makes you fell love. The soundtrack of a life. Lovely. Excuse me while I go make out with someone.

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