Favorite Albums of Local Musicians- Part three!

PART THREE!!!! What are your top three favorite albums of all time? Comment your favorites at the end of this article, see who agrees with you! You can tell a lot about a person by looking through their trash. You can tell even more about a person by going through their record collection For example, I have an extensive number of ABBA records; so it is obvious I should not be trusted with major life decisions. You can tell even MORE about a person by finding out their top favorite albums of all time. We decided it was time to find out a little about the musicians around town and what their favorite albums were of all time- below is what we found out.


Lauren Hurley

1) Third Eye Blind- Third Eye Blind (1997) - This album reminds me of going to the beach with my friends and my sister when we were little kids. Our moms would pack all five of us girls into the van almost every day during the summer, turn on the radio, and bring us to Seabrook, boogie boards and sandwiches in tow. Later on it became the soundtrack to when I first moved to NH right before high school.

2) Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (1998)

3) Bright Eyes- Lifted (2002)

Matthew Ghelli – Lepidopterist for Boogie On Alice

I see Ron Noyes listed 5 albums instead of 3. Seeing that Ron is slightly taller than me, I’m going to compensate by offering slightly more than he did.

1) Phish- Junta My early introduction to the rest of my life. I become more impressed & obsessed with this album every time I listen to it; to witness the technical mastery & polished craft of kids in their 20’s in mind-blowing.

2)Yanni – Live at the Acropolis Another great early obsession- you have to truly admire someone who thinks outside of the box and invites the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to come out & play. If you really want to understand how little you’ve accomplished in life, know that Yanni is not only self-taught, but also holds the national 50-m freestyle record in his native Greece, where I am assured that people swim all the time.

3)George Winston – December In actuality, everything this man does is brilliant, from traditionals/standards, to his own originals, to his modernist take on Vince Guaraldi’s Peanuts themes. It isn’t often that you witness a master of the keys playing the instrument without striking the keys. Intrigued? Look into it.

4)Crosby Stills & Nash – Self Titled Revolutionary in 1969, and still hasn’t lost its power. What more can you say. Half of these tracks are recognizable by millennials who don’t even know who they are.

5)Will Kindler – Marrow Will is as modest as this album is impassioned.

6)Muppet Treasure Island Soundtrack The single greatest masterpiece in western history. A brilliant collection of ballads and show tunes just as witty and smart as the film it supports. I have tattooed my entire body with the lyrics from the album, and ran out of room halfway through the second chorus of “Cabin Fever”. By my count, I will need to father four children to provide enough canvas in order to fulfill my destiny and bring honor to my family. Five if I want to fit the credits in.

Chris Noyes- Bassist in Dusty Gray Band

1)Van Morrison-Live '73 (It's Too Late to Stop Now) This is by far one of the best live albums of all time. This is the peak of Morrisons live career, with one of the best bands he ever had (The Caledonia Soul Orchestra) which disbanded shortly after

2)Squarepusher- Hard Normal Daddy

3)Jeff Buckley- Grace

4)Anything by Rob Kleiner because its really fun to throw cds and see how far they can skip into the ocean"

Mark Trottier of Go Local, Ghost Dinner Band, Captain Chet

There's no way I can wrap it up in 3 bands so I'm giving you 5, I wish it was 10. In no particular order
1)Billy Cobham "Spectrum"
2)Dinosaur Jr. "Green Mind"
3)The Pixies "Doolittle"
4)Galactic "Late For Future"
5)Band of Gypsy's "Live"
The rest of MY list in no particular order...
6)Can "Ege Bamyasi"
7) Drive By Truckers "Southern Rock Opera Act I & II"
8)The Police "Outlandos d'amour"
9)Pink Floyd "Animals"
10)fIREHOSE "Ragin', Full On"
11)I think I am speical, I don't follow directions... ever

What are your top three favorite albums of all time? Comment your favorites at the end of this article, see who agrees with you!


DJ Parker-Singer Songwriter

1) The Beatles- The White Album As a teen, I had this album on vinyl. I would sit in my bedroom with my record player blaring all 30 songs. The diversity of this album really impressed me.

2) Pearl Jam- Ten It was September of 1991 and I was on the school bus heading to the start of school. I had been listening to lots of 80's pop, classic R&B and folk artist. My friend came on the bus with his yellow Sony Walkman, sat down next to me, said 'listen to his' and hit play. My ears heard the eerie opening to 'Once' followed by the head punch guitar rift I had never heard the likes of. Ive never looked back and still consider 'Grunge' to be at my musical core.

3) Dashboard Confessional- The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most This album really opened me up to really expressing my deepest feelings through my own lyrics and helped me develop as a musician.


Garrett- drummer from the Greenlights

1)Gorillaz - Plastic Beach Damon Albarn at his creative peak - a musical genius who molds carefully-selected electronic, head-bobbing beats that layer perfectly with his mellow/sublime vocals, heavy bass and many a surprising cameo that round out this beautiful musical landscape.

2)Incubus - Morning View Amazing blend of energy, rhythm, and creativity; not to mention the lyrics that put you right in Brandon Boyd’s frame of mind - which is clearly at peace and full of positivity.

3)Muse - The Resistance It took me a while to embrace this album that seems to branch out from their prior work but once it hit me, The Resistance doesn’t fail to amaze me at its grandeur and splendor. Muse really outdid themselves on this album.

4)Paul Simon - Graceland Goes without saying - Probably one of the most influential and best-produced albums of the 20th century. Still has the same impact on me now as it did when I first listened to it almost 20 years ago

5)Beatles - Abbey Road This was considered the Beatles farewell album and they don’t disappoint. Every musician shines on this record and George finally breaks out of his shell. Makes you wonder what could have been if they weren’t so damn dysfunctional at their point in their musical career (curse you Yoko!!!)

6)Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon Sonic, trippy, ethereal, musical splendor. ‘nuff said.

7)RHCP - Stadium Arcadium Arguably one of the top 5 double-albums of all time. Without John Frusciante, the Chilis would be dead in the water at this stage in their career (just listen to the first post-Frusciante album “I’m With You” for comparison’s sake)

8)Traveling Wilburys - Vol. 1 One of the best collaborative efforts by some of the best musical minds in the biz. Orbison, Harrison, Petty, Dylan and ELO’s Jeff Lynne are ca$h money together. Whoever came up with this idea must be rich beyond rich. Don’t bother listening to their follow-up Vol. 3.

9)U2 - Achtung Baby Say what you will about pretentious and obnoxious frontman Bono. This is what they SHOULD sound like if their flipping ego didn’t get in the way in the late 90’s, early 2000’s. Raw, edgy and lacks the lame polish they would implement in their poppy follow ups.

10) 311 - Transistor Not many recognizable songs on this aside from rocking Beautiful Disaster but who cares? The production on this album is mint. Don’t bother listening to the lyrics - its the clear, resonant layering that make you want to blast this album thru any medium - speakers or headphones.


Evan Gavry Lap Steel Guitar in Three Day Threshold, Guitar and Banjo in Dark Don't Catch Me Here (Boston, MA)

1)The Rolling Stones: Exile On Main Street - Seminal double album recorded over the course of a drugged-out and star-studded party at a rundown mansion in the South of France; this album is everything the Stones are supposed to be; it is loose, rough, and by turns melancholy and ecstatic. It feeds the myth and mystique of "The Stones" as an idea, but importantly, rather than sell just the concept of the band, it delivers with excellent songs, vibe, and production.

2)The Replacements: Let It Be - Snot-nosed and precociously talented punk band begins the painful and inevitable process of growing up, for better and worse. There are silly throwaways and heartfelt ballads, and a Kiss cover so sincere and un-ironic it easliy ecclipses the original. Tying it all together is the sound of a band of individuals struggling as one to understand the world and their place in it.

3)The Band: The Band - Easily their most cohesive effort. The Band distilled a unique and fully-developed sound and lyrical voice on this album that they could only capture in fleeting moments of glory later on. Every song is perfect.

Comment your favorite albums below!!!


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