The Ghost Dinner Band- Review

The Ghost Dinner Band- Review

Album: "In Nightmares"

This band of New Hampshire boys are providing the area with some of the best rock around. They come from Peterborough/Antrim NH but you can catch them all around New England. They skillfully walk a line between old blues with a fuzzed out guitar and country with a pack of whiskey soaked cigarettes. I have seen this band a number of times live but these are the first recorded tracks I have heard. One thing I can say, this album faithfully and accurately reproduces the power of their live shows.

You hear all the time when people talk about bands, they say… “Well, they sort of sound like The Beatles.” It is such a cliché thing to even utter. Come on! No, nope, NO fucking band sounds like The Beatles. However, know what? The Ghost Dinner band reminds of… Nirvana. (It is at this point in the review that I will mention my Microsoft Word spell check knew Beatles was a word, but it does not want me to capitalize Nirvana, screw you Bill Gates). It is not that the lead singer of The Ghost Dinner Band, Kyle Webber, sings like Kurt Cobain. Nope. It is not that drummer, Eric Boulter, sounds like a guy that will leave this band and start recording a bunch of his own mediocre songs. It is not that the bass player, Josh Blair, is a guy that no one will remember. No, In fact what reminds me of Nirvana is not so much any of the sounds, but the collection of songs that are attacked with passion and fierce disregard of what they are “supposed” to be doing.

The entire album is fantastic. The opening lick on the first song “Scary Mary” gets you prepared for the chaos you are about to experience in the rest of the album. The first riff is a simple collection of notes that seem to push right into your spleen; think and thank Son House. One track however, I have no clue what is going on. The song “Same Time” is a sped up track with just vocals and acoustic guitar. I am not sure if it is a joke from the band, but at any rate, it is a track that on my third and fourth listen that I just skipped over. The song “Flaw” has a slow southern rock feel to it with psycho guitar solos. During the outro, starting around 4:00, the song goes in a totally different direction and Kyle’s passionate vocals dance between crooning and blaring delivery; It is truly a masterpiece of production, songwriting and performance.

It is hard to say what exactly about this band makes it so amazingly fantastic. Is it the vocals that are unique and fascinating? Is it the drums that are dirty and commanding? Is it the bass that sometimes locks in and other times blasts through? Is it the power of a dual guitar attack? I don’t know… maybe it’s the shoes Mike… yeah, it’s gotta be the shoes.

The Ghost Dinner Band is:
Kyle Webber: Guitar, Vocals
Josh Blair: Bass, Vocals
Nate Bosworth: Guitar
Eric Boulter: Percusion

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