Response To The Worst Review Ever

We recently ran a review of an album by Halalnihil , the review can be found here....
We said that this was the worst album ever. Of course some people will disagree. We are not the end all and be all of music critiquing. Nor should we be. We simply hope that by publishing articles on local bands that we will give them publicity. Of course we sometimes might miss the mark. I am not saying that we did in the review of Halanihil but he thought differently. Below is the commincation that we got from the artist. We only felt it fair to publish his remarks so that you can get both sides of the coin.


My problem is not the negativity of the review. I generally don't give a fuck about the thing, if someone totally dislike my stuff. Different opinios exist, so why sould I care? My problem is that this review lack of lot of things that a review should contains. First, what genre I play? Some information about the project? About the tracks? The synthesizer lines? The guitar ones? The vocal ones? Why this album is painful for the reviewer - what sounds? Nothing about this. Yes, this album is fucking heavy about the sound, and frequencies, maybe someone find it painful for this, but I don'T thing that means it's the "worst album ever" because of this, because let's face it, there are plenty of hours in the making of that album and ideas. Nuff' said.


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