Rachel Vogelzang- I HATE Her so much- (you won't believe why)

Rachel Vogelzang- I HATE Her so much- (you won't believe why)

I hate Rachel Vogelzang. She has destroyed my afternoon. She is recording a new album and has a pledge drive going on over at Pledgemusic.com to support her album (it's like Kickstarter but better). So, why does this make me want to rip out a clump of her hair, set it on fire and toss it at her? Let me explain, I don’t hate her - I passionately despise her and want to stab her in her freckling face because I LOVE the items she has up for exclusives. I can’t decide which one I want to buy. I made the decision that I would spend about 20 bucks to help her meet her goal, but, there are just too many great things to choose from! F*%^ you Rachel Vogelzang!!!!!

Now, I could just go with buying the digital download for 10 bucks, but - I want something more exciting. For 12 bucks I can get a postcard with a personal message from Rachel. That is pretty cool…. I wonder what she would say to me? Possibly “Stop stalking me.” Well, maybe - but… there is also the disposable camera option. Rachel will take an entire camera full of photos for you of the recording process… I wonder how many will be of Brian Coombes, owner of Rocking Horse, tossing devil horns. That option is only 35 bucks and has me very intrigued.

I just don’t know - because Rachel also has handwritten lyric sheets. I think this option would be perfect for framing and putting in the music room of my house and that is only for a donation of 50 bucks. A Beatles version of this would probably sell for MILLIONS… Think about how much this thing will be worth after Rachel becomes famous and starts dating Yoko Ono. I wonder how I can compel her to stand outside The Dakota.

I don’t know… I JUST DON’T KNOW! I will most likely go with the signed CD. Yeah, the signed CD… no noo…AHHHH THE CAMERA - I hate you, Rachel, so much. You have ruined my day. If you want Rachel to ruin your day, head on over and pledge your commitment to one of the best local musicians around.

go here for the pledge:

Go here for naked pictures of Matt Jensen:

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