Holly Furlone of The Midweeklings -5 Questions

Holly Furlone is an amazing musician who plays in the band the Midweeklings. We wanted to interview her so we sat outside her house for a few days. We studied her. It was not needed for us to do this, we just like stalking people. We made notes about her every move. In case you were wondering, she does wash her hands after. Good for you. After a few days we wrote some questions down on a piece of paper in crayon and slid it under her door. Below are the responses we got.

1. If you were stuck in a traffic jam for 5 hours, what cd would you want stuck in your stereo?

Holly Furlone:This question causes me the musical equivalent of refrigerator blindness. I know exactly what I want to eat before I open up the fridge door but as soon as see all of my choices in front of me I can't think of a thing to eat! I guess my answer sort of depends on where I'm heading and how I feel about that destination. I'm a fan of the mix CD. If we're talking about listening to formal albums start to end, though, I'd say... If I'm pumped up about where I'm headed, 'Hello Nasty' (Beastie Boys) would see me through a 5 hour traffic jam. If I'm anxious about my destination and I need to think it through, 'Little Earthquakes' (Tori Amos) would get me there without going crazy. If I'm upset or feeling like I've been done wrong, any Ani Difranco will do ('Dilate' though). If I'm just along for the ride, Neil Young's 'Silver & Gold' album would be just fine.

3. What instruments do you play?

(what happen to question 2? Must have been shaved down for space)

Holly Furlone:The majority of the time, I play a 6 string acoustic Alvarez Yari. I've recently picked up the bass and play it out (occasionally) with my trio, The Midweeklings. The bass is still pretty new to me but I'm having a good time with it and I think it's helped improve my regular guitar playing. A little.

4. What is your favorite venue to play?

Holly Furlone:Thus far my solo gigs have been fairly close to home, between exits 24 and 32 on 93. Playing for friends, local businesses and neighbors, no matter where it's happening, is always fun for me. I've been fortunate so far to play in rooms and at events where live music is as important to the business owner/host as the product or services they set out to provide. I haven't found a room yet that has made what I do when I walk in with my guitar feel like an imposition. That's my favorite venue to play!

5. How long have you been playing out music?

Holly Furlone:Consistently, for a little over 2 years. I play out just about every other weekend or so and try to make it around to different open mics as much as I can. In our area (Plymouth/Rumney/Campton) it's easy to find opportunities to make and listen to live local music just about every night of the week.

6. Who is your favorite local musician?

Holly Furlone:I am amazed and inspired by the amount of talent in this small snippet of the state. To try and name all of the people who play this role in my life kind of stresses me out because I know I'll leave somebody out and then obsess over it forever! Many of them are so giving of their time. My favorite local musician is the one having the most fun and sharing in it with others.

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