The Hornitz- Live Review- True Brew

The Hornitz- Live review- True Brew

the hornitzIt is Saturday night and I am at True Brew in Concord NH to see the Hornitz- a Boston based band that has a strong following here in Concord. However, the place is empty. Completely empty? What the heck? I grab a beer and check the time- 7:54- Hmm- most shows start at 8 at this place don’t they? I check my events calendar on my phone- 9:00… ohh show starts at 9….I feel like an idiot. I mean, I feel like an idiot a lot, but right now, more than normal. I leave and make my way to a friend’s place to waste a bit of time and have a beer. When I arrive back at True Brew at the correct time, the band is getting ready to start their first song. I grab a beer, a seat and get ready to shake my booty on the chair.

The good folks at True Brew have realized that for the Hornitz there is gonna be a lot of dancing. They have taken the HUGE tables that stick out near the band and pushed them against the wall- Good move- good move. The first song hits- the dancing starts- I get a beer.

Their music is amazing- the floor is a mass of body’s dancing to the beats. The band slowly builds rhythms to crescendos, while people are moving and I grab a beer. I make my way to the dance floor to join the mass of dancers enjoying the music as the song comes to an end- Time to grab a beer.

The music pumping from the speakers may not be for everyone. The Hornitz do a mixture of live horns layered over beat boxing, beats, keys and sonic noise. It is 70’s funk meets, disco meets, meets jazz, meets meat market. I make my way to the dance floor again- wait wait- time for another beer.

The show ends and it is time to finish the beers. I get in my friend’s car for the ride home. We talk about how great The Hornitz were. We also talk about the dancing, the beer and the best place to get rid of this beer that is pushing on my bladder. I hope the Hornitz come back to town soon.

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