The Hornitz -Call it Quits- Made it Childish

First off, let’s mourn the loss of a wonderful band- The Hornitz. For whatever the reasons (and we will get into those reasons) The Hornitz have called it quits. This band was amazing and I loved seeing them perform live. They will be greatly missed on the local music scene and beyond. Moving on, let’s get into the reason this was communicated in a childish manner so you can learn how to act professionally if you ever need to quit a band.

I first found out about the breakup with a posting by ‘Friendship’ on the band's webpage. (Read the post here: To make a long story short, he blamed his “…sun poisoning, dehydration, a fever of over 102°f, and cellulitis in my right leg” on his bandmate Stoo because they had to take separate cars to a gig. First off this is ridiculous. Blaming someone else for your medical conditions is absurd, but let’s move on from that. Posting this on the band’s website is childish and stupid. There is no reason to air this dirty laundry (even if it is true and Stoo has magical powers to cause leprosy).

When you end a professional endeavor, keep it short and nice. Don’t sling trash, don’t blame others, don’t cry about how it’s their fault. You should close down shop by sharing a nice parting message for your fans. In fact, Friendship, I am talking to you… delete your posts and use this.

“We would like to thank all our fans for their love and devotion. After ten years, the Hornitz have decided to call it quits. We look forward to your support with our future projects and will look back with fondness with the times we shared.- Peace and Love
Stoo and Friendship”

Stoo already kept it classy, why don't you do the same Friendship.

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