Jeff Bibbo-Lead Singer of Groovechild- 5 Questions

Jeff Bibbo of Groovechild- 5 Questions

Back in the mid 1990’s I use to listen to Thanks To Gravity and Percy Hill pretty much 100% of the time. These were two local NH bands that I was just in love with. It didn’t hurt that kinda cute girls introduced me to these bands… Somehow a cute girl’s music suggestion holds more weight. I had been exposed to these two bands and thought they might be the only two local bands worth a dime. I was leaving the conservation center in Concord one day with my friend Keith and he popped Groovechild into the tapedeck. Yes tapedeck. Not CD player or MP3 Thingamagoo.. A tapedeck. I was hooked after one song. Keith wasn't even a cute girl. I loved it. I am glad I loved it; cause as I went to hit eject, the tape would not come out. It would still play- but it was stuck. There it stayed until I sold the car years later.

Fast forward a few years and I am sitting across from Jeff Bibbo, lead singer of Groovechild, asking him five questions. The band is working on creating a new album- that is right. A NEW GROOVECHILD ALBUM!!!!! They will be launching an indiegogo campaign (sorta like Kickstarter) shortly and we will share that link with you as soon as we get it. For now, sit back and read 5 answers from one of the best front men NH has even seen.

What is the most memorable thing to happen to you at a show?

Jeff Bibbo:Walking off stage and being offered a bizarring role in porn by an attractive and "talented" young "actress"/stripper on tour with two huge scary gangster bodyguards in trench coats.....I turned down the deal....

Favorite Groovechild song to play?

Jeff Bibbo:"Everytime"

A Groovechild tape got stuck in my car tape deck years ago and I couldn't listen to any other tapes in my car except for Groovechild. Are you sorry?

Jeff Bibbo:Hmmm...sorry? That would be an admission of culpability for any psychological injuries, its been stuck in my head for 23yrs....I'm not okay

Why did you start playing music?

Jeff Bibbo:Music was an escape into, and from crazy

Favorite local act right now?

Jeff Bibbo:GC drummer Steve Ruhm's band The Demon, their new EP mixed by Soulive's Alen Evens is really cool.


Do you have a favorite Groovechild memory? Share it below by commenting!

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