Five Questions With Jeoff Jarnot of The Joint Chiefs

Five Questions With Jeoff Jarnot of The Joint Chiefs

We tracked down another bass player and asked him our 5 questions. Actually, we didn’t’ track him down- he came to us. Much like a lawyer running after an ambulance, Jeoff Jarnot bass player for The Joint Chiefs begged and pleaded until we gave him some face time. After he tossed us a few bucks we said ok… then ignored him for a few months. He found us though… and below is the excruciating interview we were forced to sit and listen to while he rambled on.. and on… and on… much like every bass solo ever played, it just wouldn’t end… Any who- here is another 5 questions with the most disposable member of the band- Jeoff Jarnot bass player for The Joint Cheifs. (Ed note: nothing but love for Jeoff)

1.What is the worst way to describe your band?

Jeoff: Influenced by the 80's

2. Most memorable thing to happen at a band practice?

J: I'd say the cop who responded to a midnight noise complaint from our basement. We were rehearsing our set for the next night, had like ten minutes left in practice, and his response was something like, "I was actually going to compliment you guys. I'm usually responding to domestic disputes or metal bands. You guys are pretty good. I'll give you until 12:15 if you let me come down and watch. I'll need one of your ID's first though." I gave him my license and a free download of our EP.

Or…this past year we gave our drummer some photographs for Christmas. Whenever he showed up late to practice we went all Step Brothers on him. We saved up over the course of 6 months. We sent a Christmas card to his parents place, where he’d spend Christmas, with a note on the outside saying “do not open until Christmas morning!” On the inside was a card that read, “You are going to see some disturbing pictures. Be careful to show NO emotion when you look at them or your parents may ask to see.” 12 photos. He’s still paying us back.

3. Do you cry sometimes when your laying in bed knowing you are a bass player?

J: Every night. Funny you ask...I played hockey growing up, I was the fat kid who always played defense. Dusty Gray and I were like identical twins. So the goalie on your team is like your drummer. They say the goal post is the goalie's best friend but that's a's the stay at home defenseman, kind of like the pocket bass player, that's the goalie's/drummer's best friend. My sophomore year of high school I had zero goals and a modest six assists. Nothing to write home about. In the end-of-year write-up they credited me with ZERO points. Screw me, right?! Well, our goalie's mom came up to me after that and said, "Jeoff, don't you worry about getting those points. You're my favorite defenseman because you protect my son. When the puck stays away from him, I'm happy.” His name...Jon Quick, LA Kings, Stanley Cup Champion. Thanks Mrs. Quick, I'm a proud bass player because of you.

4. What is the next big thing your band has coming up?

J: We've had an interesting summer. The past three years have been about 2 parts driving and 1 part music, with the five of us spread out between Concord and Stratham (NH), Waterville (ME) where we met during college, and Boston. I've been waiting three long years for our drummer to graduate, and god bless, he finally has and we're all moving in together. Our keyboardist took an internship earlier this summer working at Starstruck Studios in Nashville and the rest of us are moving down in three weeks. We're looking forward to the move!

Catch us before we go, starting tomorrow at Market Days. I should mention I got the chance to play behind Charlie Chamberlain the past few months with his project Ordinary Soldiers, hint hint: he MIGHT join us on stage for a few tunes tomorrow. Check us out at Market Days, and find the rest of our schedule at We've got six shows over the next two weekends with a big goodbye to all our faithful fans in Boston at The Hard Rock next Friday night.

5. If you could talk to one band from the 1990s, who would it be?

J: Pearl Jam. We grew up in Chicago, from 93-98. The years of Jordan, Jeremy Roenick, and Eddie Vedder. My brother and I would crush street hockey and CD's all day... a lot of good alternative music blew up there. Our dad, a Deadhead, always kept us up on the local scene...Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Tom Morello was from the town we grew up in. We just crushed alternative music all day. I'd love to ask Eddie Vedder if he even understands his lyrics.

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