Josh Kimball-5 Questions- Guitarist For Mines of Paris

Josh Kimball-5 Questions- Guitarist For Mines of Paris

Mines Of Paris are a Manchester NH band and are blowing up in the local music scene. The four piece is sort of a throwback to 90’s Boston indie rock… sort of. They are more than that. They have their feet on the air and their head on the ground. They will Try this trick and spin it, yeah. I promise, Your head will collapse when you hear these guys. But there's nothing in it And you'll ask yourself “where is my mind”. “Where is my mind, where is my mind."

We got a chance to sit down with the guitarist for Mines of Paris, Josh Kimball. We asked him our famous 5 questions. They were practicing to get ready for their big show at Penuche’s in Concord on October 16th 2014. Josh was a nice guy and has nice pants for a guy named Josh- Ever notice, people named Josh have terrible pants.

1. Who is your favorite local musician/band right now?

Josh Kimball: I think Dustcloud from Manchester has a really cool thing going on right now.

2. Why did you start playing music?

Josh Kimball: Gotta get chicks somehow! I figured it was easier than being a nice person or the tedious set up of an eHarmony profile.

3. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one record; what one would it NOT be?

Josh Kimball: Well it definitely wouldn't be Jimmy Buffet. I'd be so captivated by his sweet island grooves that I'd be too busy sipping on fermented coconut sludge margaritas to worry about escaping the island.

4. What color are your pants?

Josh Kimball: Pants?! Oh... Well uhh... Flesh colored...

5. Favorite local venue to play?

Josh Kimball: Anywhere we aren't too loud for... So outside I guess! Shaskeen and Penuche's have always been great in the past.

Make sure to catch Mines of Paris at Penuche's in Concord on Oct 16th 2014

Click here for more info on Mines of Paris:

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