Juke-Live review- Penuche’s-Concord NH 01/09/2014

Juke-Live review-

juke- jared steerBy accident I ended up at Penuche’s last night. I am not sure how I got there. I wasn’t supposed to be there at all. Somehow, with some invites and beers and ‘the such’ … I found myself with a PBR in my hand at Penuche’s. The band ‘Juke’ was playing on the stage.

Now- everyone knows Jared Steer is a really amazing drummer( and he is Juke’s drummer). Last night was no different. Jared was sharp, intricate and fun to watch/listen to. The Three piece band played jazzy meandering tunes that gave Penuche’s an air of sophistication. Imagine that.... Penuches... sophistication. Juke is not the normal type of band you will catch at Penuche’s, they are a little lighter, a little softer and a little breathe of fresh air.

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