Kitchen- Live Review

Kitchen- Live Review

It is Friday night and the Barley House is packed waiting for Kitchen to take the stage. People are unfortunately sitting at a table eating dinner where the band is supposed to set up. This means the band and everyone in the bar is forced to wait for these guests to finish their dessert before the show can start. Now, I love the Barley House, and they were voted best live venue to see bands... But come on guys, take a little more pride in having one of the best bands in New Hampshire at your bar and don’t seat people in their way. You had 100 guests waiting for Kitchen and instead of the band going on at 9, we had to wait until after 10. The extra 20 bucks the restaurant made in serving dinners to this blocking table was lost on beer sales since patrons there to see the band were upset, waiting for the music.

Ok, enough of my bitching about the Barley House, because really, I love this place. The bartenders are the best)(Corey G, the service staff is the best(Mechelle Z) and the food is really really good. If you have not had their Blarney puffs, you are missing out. So, moving on...

Kitchen is another Andy Laliotis creation. The band features Andy on guitar, Scott Seeley on Bass, Tim Gray on Drums and Michelle Tilton as singer. Instead of talking about the band as a whole, I am going to review each person and tell you why they suck or are awesome. Since I know each person in the band, I hope they don’t push me down the stairs next time I see them.

Andy Laliotis / Guitar-

Maybe I am wrong, but Andy is the best guitar player in concord right now and last night he was on fire. During a rendition of James Brown’s “I feel Good” the tone of the guitar was spot on. The little nuances of slides and bends were put forth perfectly from Laliotis’s Fender Strat. At one point Andy was blazing a solo and you could tell it was time to get back to the singing part of the song. With a well place glance and nod, the entire band knew to stay on the jam and did another 8 measures of rocking licks.

Scott Seeley/ Bass-

Soctt’s Ampeg bass cabinet has been a main stay in a lot of venues around Concord. Seeley has a great talent of blending a frantic blast of notes with held out long tones. A danger of a lot of bass players is their insistence of playing 100 notes per beat to prove they are good enough. Seeley does not feel the need to show off but plays exactly as he should, keeping the groove and locking in with Gray on drums. His tone is extremely clean and is a nice contrast to Andy’s tube driving guitar.

Tim Gray/ Drums-

Gray also drums for Dusty Gray and like Seeley and Laliotis is found on a lot of stages around town. Gray is solid. He does not do any flashy fills or extremely over the top cymbal rides. Gray, along with Seeley, put down a base that Laliotis and Tilton build off of to make Kitchen an amazing Concord band.

Michelle Tilton/ Vocals-

A F*(&’n Powerhouse behind the mic. That is all that can be said. No, actually, more can be said. WOW. CRAP. SUPER. GREAT. Michelle Tilton has a voice that booms and fills the room with an electric air(I don’t know what electric air means, but heck, it is staying in the review and you have to check out Kitchen to understand). Much like the Ebola virus, her singing was contagious and brought multitudes of people to the dance floor. Her ability to look relaxed and intense at that same time was an indulgence like a fine Swiss chocolate.

Kitchen is certainly a band to check out. For more info on Kitchen see:facebook Kitchen

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