Big Go Local Music Camp and Jam Annoucement

So we have been talking about Go Local Camp and Jam V a lot the last couple days but it has been for good reason. First, they announced they had Zach Deputy headlining their festival. Next, they announced a reduced rate on their tickets for a limited time. We have another announcement from the guys at go local music. They have confirmed that Super group “Kung Fu” will also be playing at the event. This is certainly shaping up to be the best camp and jam ever. Seriously, if they have one more announcement of cool ass stuff, we might explode.

To learn more about the lower ticket price, click here:

To find out more about the festival click here:

To learn more about awesome people:
Look in a mirror

To learn more about Kung Fu the band Find them here: or here

To learn more about Kung Fu the martial art: rent Karate Kid part III

This year marks the fifth year that Go Local Music have put on their famous “Camp and Jam.” The festival takes place this June 28th, 29th and 30th. It is a local festival hosting the music of tons of amazing local bands and artists. This year the folks at Go-Local are really going all out;

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