Lamont Smooth Rocks Penuche's

Lamont Smooth Rocks Penuche's

Lamont Smooth rocked Penuche’s last night. Some pictures AND a video of what went down is below. Also below are some quotes from some people at the show!!!

"Good to hear the boys back at it!" - Patrik Gochez of Pat and the Hats

“Lamont offered the sexiest male/male harmonies since the 98-Degrees/O-Town summer tour of 1998” Matt Ghelli of Boogie on Alice

“Great to see the two Matt's up there” Mike Crane of Captain Chet

“I know your mom! Dude no really, I know her!!! Oh, look I am not wearing socks!” Lucas Gallo- Of…umm… Lucas Gallo

“It is great to have these guys back- awesome seeing all these friendly faces. Oh.. Hmm…Lucas’s feet are pretty tan” Jon Steiner of Penuche’s

“I love these guys- I love you- ***hug***” Travis MacEachern of Boogie on Alice

“These guys always bring it” Mark Trottier of Ghost Dinner Band- Captain Chet- Go Local Music

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