Local Band Tip Of The Day

Local Band Tip Of The Day

Myspace ETC- Do you have a myspace account that your band doesn’t use? How about 20 other accounts that you don’t keep up to date for sites like bandcamp, bandzone, bandtour, bandband ETC? DELETE THEM. Delete them now. If you do not keep your accounts up to date, you are better off deleting them. You might be thinking that with 100 accounts all over the internet, your chances of being found, getting gigs or signed increases greatly.. but it doesn’t help if they are outdated.

The best option is to keep all your accounts up to date. It is beneficial to your band to have a large presence on the internet. The next option is to delete. An outdated account announcing shows from 3 years ago does NOT help your band. The problem comes in when you ask a promoter for a show. First thing they do is go to Google(or facebook), they search your band name and see what comes up. If an old Myspace page pops up with old recordings you did with a fisher price microphone, you most likely won’t get the gig.

So go sign back into myspace, if you can remember your password, and delete!!!!!

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