Local Blend Vol I- Local Music Compilation - NOW RELEASED!

Local Blend Vol I- Local Music Compilation

Yourband.info, has released a local music compilation album. The album, Local Blend Volume I, features various local solo artist and bands from around Concord NH. We THINK this project is the first compilation album done featuring musicians from the area(although we didn't really check to see if we were right). It was released September 8th 2014.

Local Blend Volume I represents a cross-section of the best talent around the Concord area and we are proud to be a part of bringing their sound to a larger audience.

This album is being offered to everyone FOR FREE right here. That’s right; free download and free streaming. Our goal is to have these excellent musicians exposed to as many people as possible. It will always be free. We only ask that you share the link to this page with your friends so more people can hear it!

You can download individual songs or, stream individual songs at the bottom of each artist description below. OR Here is a link to a zipped file with the entire album!

Local Blend Vol I Size
Captain Chet- Blank Gen.mp3 2.81 MB
Chelsea Paolini-Earth and Fire.mp3 4.25 MB
Derek Astles and Eric Ober- Rippin e Brakes.mp3 4.57 MB
George laliotis - View From the Fall.mp3 3.38 MB
George laliotis-Drum Solo.mp3 3.49 MB
Greenlights-Grey Train.mp3 2.86 MB
Lucas Gallo- By the By.mp3 3.64 MB
Matt Ghelli-Aliens.mp3 1.95 MB
Matt Poirier- Simple Smoke.mp3 4.1 MB
Rob Kleiner- Leapold.mp3 2.75 MB
Seth Wankka- Wait for you.mp3 2.64 MB
Will Kindler- Diamond Lies.mp3 3.8 MB
Brooks Young Band-Counting Down.mp3 3.58 MB
Rachel Vogelzang- Starkissed.mp3 3.16 MB
Boogie On Alice- Lie Loving Next To You.mp3 5.33 MB

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The Greenlights are a new, funky rock band out of Concord, NH that pride themselves on musical collaboration from many different backgrounds and influences.

More on The Greenlights here:



Brooks Young Band has been exciting audiences throughout the northeast with powerful live performances that keep audiences screaming for more. A perfect combination of rock,pop and blues.

More on Brooks Young Band:


They each have a near-telepathic understanding of the other, and complement each other and communicate without the convenience of speech or eye contact. With an uncanny ability to read each other so well mid-jam and a passionate, devoted following, Boogie On Alice is on the verge of bursting out of their reservoir tip.

More on Boogie On Alice:


Foot stompin' rock with a moderate dose of comedy
Captain Chet Lawson’s Snake Oil Revue formed in late 2009. Their music is a throw back to the 1930’s Blues and Americana songs people sang on their front porch in the hot summer heat. They use this time period and genre as a starting point but toss in Pop/Punk sensibilities and Smothers Brothers whit.

More on Captain Chet Lawson:


Lucas Gallo has been writing and playing music for over 15 years. Most recently, he was the acoustic rhythm guitar player for the multi-award winning band Jamantics. Lucas has shared the stage with such acts as: Little Feat, Adam Ezra Group, Hot Day At The Zoo, Grammy nominated Yarn, Grammy award winner Ed Gerhard, RAQ and The Brew among a number of others.

More on Lucas Gallo:


Will Kindler’s genre is a fusion of Rock a’ Billy, 80’s pop, and 1940’s WW2 British folk songs. His history of playing stretches from Maine to Chicago, from Montreal down to Baltimore, and he has also played shows throughout Europe. His music is featured in an Irish film, entitled, “A Kiss for Jed Wood.” Living in southern New Hampshire again, he is reacquainting himself with his home audience, as he works on his next record.

More on Will Kindler:


Rachel has been writing and singing songs since high school, but not many people heard them until she started playing open mics in and around Concord, NH in 2009. She writes wordy, emotional songs that are mostly happy, occasionally angry, and sometimes funny.

More on Rachel Vogelzang:


Seth Wonkka is a singer and songwriter based out of Boston, Massachusetts that writes honest songs about life and love, topics we can all relate to. He is the lead singer of the folk rock band A Cold Lonesome Nowhere and has been playing throughout New England for years. Check out his debut release More Than Him which is available on iTunes and CDbaby.

More on Seth Wonkka:


Chelsea Paolini is the lead singer for the Dover NH based band People Skills. People Skills exist to renew your faith in butt-shakin’, feel good heady rock and roll. They shred. They pound. They implement pop sensibility without spreading a thick layer of cheese(wiz) over the top.

More on Chelsea and People Skills:


Derek and Eric are part of the Contoocook, NH band Rippin' E brakes. Raw rock mixed with alt pop-corn. They are the masters of "garage raock" . Yes, spelt like that, Raock and pronounced "rrrr - oowwwww- kaw!"

More on Rippin' E Brakes:


Matt performs solo all over New Hampshire. He has also been know to join up and play in front of a number of local bands. Matt Also organizes a reoccurring concert series at The Grange in Penacook NH.

More on Matt Poirier:



Rob plays in the band Captain Chet. He also performs solo around town. Rob has been playing shows for over 15 years and has played all over New England and New York. This song Features George Laliotis on Drums and Brenden Harisiades On Bass

More on Captain Chet:



Matt plays in the band Boogie on Alice. He also plays 2nd guitar with Captain Chet. On top of that he does nothing. Absolutely nothing. He once had a dream that he was on American Idol and didn't have on any clothing.

More on Woman's Kickball:


George plays in so many bands that we could not list them all here. He is probably known best for his work with Lamont Smooth. He now drums for Amorphous Band among others. Not only can this man drum but he can sing. A true rare breed- I mean- just look at Ringo.

More on Amorphous Band:

Entire Album Zip File

Local Blend Vol I

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