Local Musician's Rig's-Part Three!!!

Local Musician's Rig's-

Omar Rodríguez-López's Pedal BoardIf you are like us, you love gear. We spend days and weeks and months looking for that perfect pedal to make your guitar tone perfect coming out of your amp. We are doing a short series posting pictures of local musician's pedal boards. We hope you enjoy it! You’ll learn a little bit about what other bands use and maybe get some ideas of your own. If you are a local musician, send us your pedal board in a picture. Click here to e-mail us
Make sure to read part one!

Mike Fornier Drum Set

Band:Dead Trend

I started playing drums in 2008 when I moved to Maine. Everything I know about my gear is because of my buddy Damian, who bequeathed first a beater, then this kit, to me:

Pearl Export Chrome kit: 2x rack tom, floor tom, snare, kick
Remo Weatherstripe Pinstripe King heads on toms
Remo Powerstroke kickdrum head
Evans Power Center Reverse snare head
Sabian AAX 20" Stage Ride
Zildjian A Custom 18" crash
Paiste 2000 Sound Reflection 17" thin crash

I bought the A Custom on eBay a few years back when I decided I wanted two crashes -- about the same time that Damian flowed a second rack tom. The coffee can is me trying to rip off Brendan Canty from Fugazi, who plays (or played? stupid hiatus) a giant nautical bell live. I play Dc 10's because they break less easily than other sticks, and because subtlety is the nemesis of art.

Upcoming dates:

5/2. New York City. Le Poissin Rouge. With Mike Watt/J. Mascis/Murph and Appomattox.


Hannaford 26 ounce coffee can
Promark DC 10 sticks


Rob Kleiner

band: Captain Chet Lawson's Snake Oil Revue/

Effects: Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb
BBE Boosta Grande
MXR Custom Comp
Way Huge Aqua Puss Analog Delay
Ibanez Tube Screamer
Boss DS-1 Disctortion
Electro Harmonix Mini Q-Tron
Boss Chromatic Tuner.


Otto Kinzel

Band:Otto Kinzel Solo

Effects: electro harmonix Memory Man
Boss Noise supresso
BBE Two Timer
Boss Chorus
Boss Digital Delay
BBE Mind Bender
Boss Octave

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