Market Days Music- Response- We don't hate you

Yesterday we posted an article about the events taking place at Market Days this weekend in regards to music. You can read the full story here-
Since the publishing of that article we have received around 50 emails of support and a couple of disagreement. We were invited to speak on 94.7 FM last night and outlined our concerns there as well. On top of that- we have talked to numerous people at market days. Below is a response that we recently gave to people who may have disagreed with a portion of our thoughts on the matter. We felt that it is important for everyone to understand that this community of musicians that call Concord home are more than grateful and appreciative of bands from out of town. They are also what makes this scene great…. With that… read our recent response below

We are not against out of town bands. In order to build a scene you must have out of town bands playing to help build a community. We love “outta towners”… We love having new blood come and see how great this community is. We love the Hornitz, Holmes, Van Burens, and other bands that come and call our city their 2nd home. However, the issue at hand here is that this is market days. This event is here to promote LOCAL merchants of the downtown area- The street is shut down. The entire community comes out. We, the consumer, are to skip going to the Wallmarts and head down and support our own local community. This is a cause I can get behind.

However, what we have here are non-local bands being featured on a main stage with a prominent time and location. These bands have NO (or very loose) ties to this community. How would the merchants of this town feel about Walmart setting up a booth during market days- they would not like that. And that is exactly what we have happening. An out of town radio station, that recently purchased a repeater station, is bringing in their goods instead of supporting the local.

I would love to have any of the bands playing the River main stage come and play at Penuches or True Brew anytime. However, when a music scene struggles for stages and spaces to get a foot hold in this town and these bands are consistently excluded from one of the biggest and best times/spaces to get up and play in front of a captive crowd of this great community; they can only feel one thing, and that is disappointment.

Are you a local musician? What are your thoughts on this situation- Post a comment below

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