Local Artist, MB Padfield, Needs Your HELP!!!

MB Padfield needs your help fixing a small error. All it takes on your part is to follow her on follower her on Spotify. Help her out, her music is great too! So not only do you get to help a local artist but you get good tunes for your ears. See what she said about the help below.

also go follow her on Facebook here :
I NEED HELP! Serious professional psychological help, but other than that... My tracks have been doing great on plays, so a big THANK YOU to everyone who has been listening, supporting, and adding my music to their libraries. You're the real MVP BUT I also need followers.

Spotify has incorrectly put my name as "M.B. Padfield" instead of "MB Padfield". People are having a hard time finding my music, so I need 250 followers on my ARTIST page in order to even start the process of having my name changed.
For shits and giggles:

I also decided to include my royalty payout from Spotify (LOL). Anyone who knows me knows that I'm beyond terrible at math. Royalties are extremely complicated and complex to calculate so my math is no means exact BUT the $15.61 is what I actually got paid for almost 13k plays. I'm not bashing streaming services because I'm all for the future of music and that's how I listen to my music. I thought it would be interesting to highlight the current situation for royalties and how artists are paid. Now I own 100% of royalties/publishing for my songs and I'm with BMI.

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