Ten Memorable Local Music Happenings of 2013

Ten Memorable Local Music Happenings of 2013-

We hate top ten lists. We hate having music being a contest. We hate it… but well.. it is the end of the year and we wanted to recap it. So we did. Below is a list of events that you should NOT have missed this year. They are not in any order at all. Random…. but there are ten of them. How many were you at? Were you at all ten? Comment at the end of the article how many you were able to catch! Also- tell us what we missed!!!!

1. Granite State Music Festival-

GSMF had its 2nd annual concert series. The rain held off for this year’s show and everyone had a great time- Did we mention they had BEER!!!!!

2. Go Local Camp N Jam-

Camp N Jam- Always a highlight of the summer. This year saw a large expansion to two stages with more music and more bands.

3. Dusty Gray Band at True Brew -

Dusty Gray band played one of the best shows of the summer the night before thanksgiving. They had lots of guests join them on stage and the place was packed wall to wall.

4. Boogie On Alice at Penuche’s-

The night of market days; Boogie on Alice broke the long standing record of biggest crowd at Penuche’s. The crowd was hot sweaty and dancing.. were you?

5. Yourband.info ROCKtobertfest-

Well- yeah- we put this on but we are still gonna list it. We are self serving asshats here.

6. Rocking Horse Studio Farewell to Summer Concert-


This was a nice concert in Bicentennial Square to end the summer. Featured some of the best acts that have recorded at Rocking Horse Studios.

7. Riverhill Grange Concert Series

Did you make it out to the Grange in Penacook? This concert series was full of great acts in a nice environment- oh and BYOB! Made tons of new friends!

8. The Concord Community Concert Association

A great free event at the Audi that promoted local music- Look for it again in 2014.

9. Darling Side at Market Days-

People dancing- band playing- big crowd- it was great.

10. Pat and The Hats at Camp n Jam

Pat and the Hats went from virtual obscurity to the best band in NH in a matter of minutes

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