Mike Morris- Review

Mike Morris- Review

Mike Morris released an album, Raise You Up, about a year ago. I received a copy of this album and instantly started listening to it so I could compose a review. Then I kept listening and listened some more. I needed words to describe the album but the correct words were escaping my brain. I set my thoughts away from writing the review and simply listened to the record. Days turned to weeks, and as they do, weeks turned to months. Seasons changed and time marched on. The album I was still listening to, still waiting to review. Then it happened. No, the words didn’t come. What happened was I realized I had taken so much time that it was now time to write the review without the perfect words.

This album deserves perfect words. Aquiver, mellifluous, ineffable, Sonorous, Ethereal, Petrichor, iridescent, syzygy, sonder… the most perfect and beautiful words I know that can possibly describe the utter perfect sound encoded in one’s and zero’s on this CD. Mike Morris has a sound that is purely amazing music. This record exudes mass amounts of clean rhythms and melodies into the air for you to enjoy.

You must listen to this album. It is just- Perfect. This review is a shadow of dust as compared to the greatness of this album. I am not even going to try to tell you how good it is anymore because I am not good enough at describing how good it is.


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