How Bookers of Music Venues Can Piss off Bands

"How Bookers of Music Venues Can Piss off Bands"

We recently posted an article on what bands do to piss off bookers. A lot of bands took offence and were outraged that we did not point the mirror back at the booker. Bands believe that bookers are evil little people who, when not booking bands, live under bridges and yell at goats to not pull the hair on their chinny chin chin( or something like that). Well, let’s be honest- Bookers do suck sometimes- they suck hardcore. They are smug little assclowns that are really just here to destroy the music scene around town and exploit your band for the venues benefit. BUT- have you ever held a real job? Yeah, every boss is trying to do that to you- it is not just bookers. But hell- lets point a finger at them- shake it and tell them what they are doing wrong. I call for a lynch mob! Instead of giving a list of what they do wrong- we want to hear YOUR booker nightmare stories. Comment them below!!! We will start it off with a story of our own.
A few years back we were asked to fill in a last minute gig in Boston. We had been playing in Boston a lot and this was one of the bigger venues in town. We were asked the day of the show and was opening for a national touring band. We only had a few hours’ notice and we made sure to ask the booker that we were not expected to bring a crowd. We were told, not a problem, 100 bucks a piece and free beer. OK we’ll play. We arrive and immediately we know we have made a big mistake. Empty… no one. Not a single person in the place. The national act apparently had zero following or the show wasn't promoted or people just don’t like this venue or maybe the rain/sleet kept people in or it was the Red Sox. I have no clue. The 500 seat venue was empty except for the 15 or so of our friends. We played our set, packed up and then went to the owner to collect our pay. The owner was outside having a smoke. The owner said- “no pay.” I showed him the e-mail from the booker that indicated our pay. The owner said “I fired him.” It is at this point when one of our members decided to punch the dumpster next to him. The owner said he was going to get his gun. Long story short- We didn't get paid and we ran from the tab.

What is your best stupid booker story? Comment yours below!! We will add the best ones to the article!

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