Words of Wisdom For Musicians From Musicians- Part Two

Words of Wisdom For Musicians From Musicians-

Part Two

You are a musician? Here are a few words of wisdom from other musicians. Listen to these statements or ignore them; we don’t care. But… ignore them to your own detriment. Look for part THREE coming shortly!

• Beer sales are more important than anything to a bar.

• Turn down. Loud is not cool.

• The Beatles are the single most important thing to happen to popular music ever. Period.

• One word- Metronome.

• Nothing makes a band less cool than a band that really tries to be cool.

• No, you don't play better drunk.

• Whether or not something is popular should have no bearing on whether or not you like it. Quit being pretentious.

• If music has never choked you up or gave you chills, this isn't for you.

• Always help less experienced musicians than yourself, especially children. It's something you either had, or wish you had.

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