Things New Bands Should Know and Do!!! The Secrets

Things New Bands Should Know and Do!!! The Secrets-

• First thing you should do is have everyone in the band make a list of every common sense thing they think they should do in a band. Next compare the lists. Most likely, one person will make a good list and the rest of the band are idiots with no common sense. It is good to find out who the smart one is right away.

• Don't play so loud. This is not 1960 where louder means more rock and roll. It is 2012 where louder mean tinnitus. Here is a hint, if your drummer says that he can’t play softer, he is lying or not good at playing the drums. So stop trying to turn up.

• Don’t look at your fingers. Really try. I know you need to; we all do, but stop. Someone is taking your picture and you will look like a fool on Facebook in a few days if you are looking at your fret board.

• Onstage apologies don’t do it… your band is awesome, the crowd just hasn’t figured that out yet. If you say sorry you are already letting them down.

• Don’t mess around on your instruments on stage unless you are playing a song. Hearing a little riff of crap between tunes is annoying to everyone except for you. Practice time is when you are at home, not on stage.

• Don’t ever ask the audience to “have more fun” or “dance” or really anything. If the folks in the audience are not moved to dance, you screaming dance at them will only reinforce the fact that they don’t want to shake their rump.

• Don’t ever sing happy birthday to a special girl in the crowd. First off, the song is not covered under most agreements clubs have for cover tunes. And 2nd, no one and I mean no one wants to hear a bar sing happy birthday except the person getting the song. The rest of the people want to tie your shoe laces together.

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