Angry musicianHere are a list of 10 things you can say to really piss of a true musician. Sure there might be meaner things you could say like “your band sucks” but here are the things you don’t know really hurts them. If you want the musician in your life to cry or if you want to risk a punch to the nose- feel free to say these things to your rock-star want-a-be. Oh, you should also not say rock star wanta-be.

The Clearwings- review

the clearwings, denver co
“The outskirts” is an EP from the band “The Clearwing” from Denver Colorado. The duo has been performing together for a number of years at open mics around the Denver area. They are an alt- punk-folk- rock band. Sometimes bordering on old blues like the White Stripes and other times they sound like cute lovers harmonies.

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Currents- review

the Currents, Boston'Currents' is a Boston based post hard math rock punk band. The sound bounces between hardcore jazz to moments of Fugazi and The Fall. ‘Modegreen’ is the latest album released by this trio in December 2014.

What is Phase?

When we talk about live sound or recording with mics, we hear a lot about phase cancellation. We know it is bad, but what is it really? Let’s not confused phase with the guitar effect known as phaser(that is different). Phase becomes something we have to worry about when we have two microphones recording the same sound (one mic can also have phase issues but is not as common). Phase cancellation is when the same sound is played out of a speaker at a slightly delayed time.This causes the speakers to play nothing or distorted sound. We will try to keep this a pretty high level overview. With that said, please keep in mind that some of the descriptions we provide will not be 100% “technically” accurate but used to demonstrate the principles at work; Don’t worry we will tell you if we are making stuff up.

People Skills-Review

How is it that I have not reviewed the newest People Skills album ‘People are People Too’? I seriously thought I had already. I mean, why wouldn’t I? It is one of the best albums of 2014. I feel like a terrible person now for not reviewing this great album.

Pleasant Creak- Review

Pleasant Creak is an indie/emo band form Boulder Colorado. It began as the solo project of songwriter Spencer Kalata in 2013, but has since expanded into a full band. Pleasant Creaks angst filled and introspective brand of indie punk is often categorized with the "emo revival' scene of the twenty-tens.

Alto Nido- Review

Alto Nido is a one man band from Sweden, by 21 year old Jakob Johansson. I’ll be honest- I did not expect to like this music before I heard it. I don’t know why; just something about hearing the words “one man band” and “Sweden.” I have no issue with either of these terms. I love Sweden. I love one man bands. I only say this because I want you to be aware of the uphill battle Alto Nido had to win me over.

The Strips- Review

The Strips are a rock band from Eau Claire, WI. These guys have me baffled. I think they are the least talented band I have ever heard. Beats are dropped, notes are mishit, vocals are ruff, sometimes the drums sound like a Casio keyboard. the lead guitar is a... is a.. I don't what the freckles it is.

Viva Apollo- Review

Viva Apollo has been playing with their current lineup since Summer of 2013. This San Diego band is nothing but full power. This music is made to be turned up in your car, cranked on your home stereo, or blasted from an 80's boom box.

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