You are not going to be famous

I have known a lot of musicians who think they are special. They believe they are going to be the next Beatles. Seriously, sorry, you won’t. More people have won the lottery then have been on a gold album. Let’s put it this way, The Ramones first album- It took 35 years to go gold. THE RAMONES! These guys are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and it took their album 35 years! What chance do you have of making it? Minuscule. This doesn't mean you can’t have a successful music career. Just be sure to set realistic goals so that you don’t cry and quit when you don’t become the next Herb Albert.

All the Wine- Review

Remember how the 80's had good music? Some of it was utter shit. I don't want candy, I don't want to take on me, i don't want tainted love.. bamp bamp... tainted love. Sometimes I feel that the eighties sucked so hard that I can't escape them. I need to get away from anything that sounds like them. All The Wine from the Chicago suburbs drive into the heart of what made the good music from the 80's great. You can hear it on their recently released EP "Summer Parade"

Fashion Bath- Review

"Do you feel Good? You should feel good- Be happy mister.Fashion Bath(Asheville, NC) will make you feel good. Good pop music has a negative meaning most of the time. if I were to say "These guys are a really good pop band!!!" some people might automatically not listen because they think Backstreet Boys are back again, alright... But this is not an insult. These guys write great pop.

Trevor Fett - review

Trevor Fett plays guitar and sings and raps. It is very minimalist and I like it. Have you ever wondered what it would like to have Adam Sandler mix words with Woody Guthrie while Bob Dylan plays chess with Robert Johnson? I think this music is it.

I am not sure what any of these songs are about. I am really not sure if Trevor knows either. The guitar stands bouncing between two chords, maybe three, while a sort rappy, mono toned and expressive vocal pokes your ear. Some might say this sucks. Your mom would hate this shit. Aren't moms suppose to hate good music anyways though?

Wild Imaginaries is a brand new pop rock outfit from San Francisco, CA making their debut with their first single "Carousels." The band is composed of Vocalist and Bassist, Rob Marshall, Pianist, Jesse Kyle, and Guitarist, Nic Gracia. Together they create some of the space pop rock I have heard in a while.

Timeofhex- Review

Compositions from hexadecimal data, that is - converting photos into hexadecimal, then converting the data into notes and re-arranging the notes into a composite…

A New York based, 5-Piece, Indie Rock band, 'Hotel of the Laughing Tree' has been playing music together for five years. They have two full length albums out, along with multiple EPS, and also won an MTVu Woodie Award in 2009. Their recent album, "New World Sundown" will be released February 1st on all major digital music stores. They just put out their new single, 'Howlin' Lessons'.

[love for pluto] is an original indie pop/rock band featuring electric/acoustic guitars, keys, vocals, bass, and drums. Diverse, they draw influences from all genres of music. Their sound roots itself from indie/alt rock, new wave, & pop. Their catchy melodies will be stuck in your head all night long.

The Perks - Review

The Perks are an Alternative Rock band from Las Vegas, NV composed of brothers Andy, Aaron, and Hunter Gorman, and friends Ryley Isakson and Jake Magness. In support of their 2014 EP, Criminal, they've been playing energetic sets for passionate crowds both in and out of Vegas. The band just released their second EP, At The Docks, and will be embarking on small tours throughout the West Coast in 2015.

Turtle Power- Review

A group of college kids from Boston. They play ska, punk, and jam. Their first EP was released this December. For me, the best ska bands come from Boston. Mighty Might Bostons, Allstonians, and even thought they are from NH Bim Skala Bim. So when i started listening to Turtle Power I had high expectations.

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